Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Power to the people

Did my voting tonight so I wouldn't forget before the polls close. There was supposedly an alliance list of who the coalition wanted us to vote for, but asking for it a couple times didn't produce anything. I had no interest in voting a completely null-sec ballot anyways, as some of the people put up by the coalitions came across as complete idiots either in print or during their Crossing Zebras interview.

So, here's the list.

1. Mangala Solaris
2. Kesper North
3. Mike Azariah
4. progodlegend
5. Ali Aras
6. Unforgiven Storm
7. Ripard Teg
8. Malcanis
9. Roc Wieler
10. Psychotic Monk
11. Travis Musgrat
12. riverini
13. Artctura
14. Sala Cameron

I'd say it's the top five that I truly hope to see on CSM8. Mangala and RvB are nothing but pure fun. They are one of the best things going in EVE, and I truly hope someone of that calibre makes it onto the CSM. Kesper is my second choice mainly because of how well his CZ interview went. He undoubtably felt fairly comfortable talking to someone who is a member of his alliance, but he proved himself an able communicator. Mike's on the list because he's the one person I can say I've actually conversed with out of all the candidates, and he's simply a smart guy. Pro's in number 4 because he's my favourite null-sec candidate who isn't in CFC, and Ali Aras is in number 5 because out of all the candidates on the ballot, she's the closest thing to a representative for my current EVE playstyle and character age.

Of course, the campaign process revealed some people I'd never ever vote for, even if they put a gun to my head. People like Trebor and James Arget, who have egos the size of Titans. Someone like Psychobitch, who only got through the primaries by spamming Jita local. Or, heaven forbid that he be elected, Kaleb Rysode, who said "y'know" 292 times during his thirty minute interview on Crossing Zebras (That's just under 10 times a minute, or once every 6 seconds). Yes, I counted. What are the odds CCP ever invites him to take part in a summit? I can already visualize Dolan beating him with a folding chair.

All the same, best of luck to all candidates. I'll be watching the HD stream to see mynnna accept his crown.

- Sam.

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