Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hot-drop o'clock

Or so the joke about PL's method of time-keeping goes.

Being the small alliance that we are, we never really expected to have Pandemic Legion show up in our little bit of space, but apparently they're very bored these days. It must have been a slow night for them, as they dropped a bunch of carriers and supercarriers on our two dreads and three carriers. I showed up about 2 minutes after our dreads died, and got to watch three Aeons, three Nyxes, and one cyno Thanatos sit around waiting for the cyno to drop.

To make a long story short, one of the corps in our alliance had admitted a member without performing the usual stringent background checks. The second our dreads entered siege, a neutral logged on in the system our caps were in, and warped his Purifier to zero on our caps before lighting a cyno. The support fleet killed him within seconds of the cyno going up, but it was apparently enough time for PL to act.

According to the reports of the pilots who were around for the fight, the first PL capitals started landing on grid ten to fifteen seconds after the cyno was down, and it was pretty much a GTFO manouver from that point on. Our carriers managed to get out, and the support subcaps quickly followed. Total loss, two dreads.

On the more hilarious side of things, one of our alliance members decided to whore on the kill-mails of our own dreadnaughts. Since our cyno pilot had been in a Burst, we actually finished the night with a green killboard:

Us - 2 dreads and a Purifier
Them - 2 dreads and a Burst

The rest of the story is pretty predicable: Booted spy, chastized recruiter, dread pilots fitting up another dread. From the convo our killmail whore got, PL thought his manouver was pretty smart/funny, and we all had to agree. Sadly, PL popped the dread wrecks before leaving, but I did get to scoop the loot from the Purifier wreck. The loot fairy was very kind.

- Sam.

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