Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finding time to fight

I was just sitting down to write my BB46 post yesterday, when an orange-tagged visitor showed up in local. I put a cloak on my tackle Rifter and went scouting. As more people decided to poke around, our visitor decided to pull out of the system, revealing himself to be a Loki as he moved off the gate he'd just jumped through. He was joined a few minutes later by some alliance mates in the same system.

We managed to nab an Arazu who tried to leave our home system through the same gate shortly after. He had a covert ops cloak, but we threw five or six frigates at the last spot he'd been. He was decloaked and popped rather quickly, but not before he had time to light a cyno. We all piled back onto the gate, and left our bait Drake behind to sucker the incoming bombers into aggressing while we got out.

Sadly, our Drake pilot had forgotten to fit an MWD in the mad rush to get the bait onto the field, so by the time he got back to the gate, a full half of their fleet had gotten through the gate and were waiting for him to come through. I sat cloaked twenty kilometres off the stargate and watched our poor Drake get torn apart by fifteen or so stealth bombers.

They tried camping us into the outpost in our system, but we started reshipping down. Our mix of ships quickly became a fleet of frigates. Undocking one or two frigates at a time, we eventually tried to bait them into going after a Jaguar. When they didn't bite, we pulled back and camped them into the pocket while we waited for the mining fleet we had up a couple jumps away for reship. Up came another ten pilots in Thoraxes, ready to camp them in. We moved our frigates back down into the pocket to try to push the bombers toward the cruisers.

We'd gotten a pretty solid idea of their fleet comp by this time, and they seemed to be missing one of the most important parts of a Black Ops fleet. We had a Loki, Pilgrim, and twenty odd bombers camping one of our outposts, but we couldn't find their black ops battleship anywhere. Finally, one of our probers got a hit on a Sin when he changed which system he was hiding in.

We charged back towards the bombers in an attempt to cut them off from their ride, and got between the two fleets in time to nab a Manticore and pod when they tried to scout their route to the Sin. With a large portion of our fleet now piling into the same system as the bombers, they decided to log off. Everyone who had a scanning ship available swapped up immediately, but the best scan strength anyone got before the log-offs completed was 80%.

I was a good night for my kill-board, as I was one of the few people able to lock and the shoot the Azaru before it simply melted, and I managed to nab the 80 mil pod of the Manticore pilot. My bright idea of the night was remembering to dock and off-load the Drake loot and my cloaking device before heading out to join the camp. Gave me the room to scoop the Manticore loot, and that pod would would have had a much better chance of getting out if my scan res was still getting -50% from the cloak.

I love :gudfights: when they come directly to you, and considering the number of times we've been seeing these guys, they're happy to keep giving them to us.

- Sam.

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