Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas Shopping

I realize that we're well into February by now, but I'm working through a back-log of my bright ideas. Without further ado....

Christmas: A season of eggnog, visiting relatives, and CCP gifts. In my case, paying ridiculously inflated prices for the special edition items and ships.

Hoping to score the gift items on the market for low prices as un-suspecting newbies dumped them off for a quick buck, I pounced on whatever was offered on the market for seemingly reasonable prices. Here's a sample of the items I over-paid for, and what they're worth just over a month later:

A Handful of Tiny Stars: 22 million / 4.3 million
Donut Holder: 1.7 million / 140 thousand
Postcard from Poitot: 5.8 million / 750 thousand
Replica Gallente Cruiser: 2.8 million / 280 thousand
Scotty the Docking Manager's Clone: 4.6 million / 500 thousand
The Mini Monolith: 21 million / 1.5 million
Unit of Lag: 6.7 million / 1.3 million

Amazingly, I'm set to turn a profit on my 'Little Helper, Male' stockpile. That is, if anyone was actually buying the darn things. The '*Sneaks in a classic*' is being used in a margin trading scam in Jita as I write this, so the price is astronomically high, and I don't think it'd be accurate or honest to claim I predicted it.

For the ships, I spent around 21 or 22 million per Christmas frigate. The new prices?

Inner Zone Shipping Imicus: 5.5 mil
Sarum Magnate: 6.5 mil
Sukuuvestaa Heron: 8.5 mil
Vherokior Probe: 9 mil

As far as the NEO cards go, well, the price of each one is essentially half of what it was when they were released. The only one worth more than it was around Christmas is the 'Tengu Terror' card, which seems to have increased by maybe a million. Of course, that minor victory is completely wiped out by the debacle that was 'The HUNS.' Yeah, I spent 67 million on one of them. Today, you can get one for 300 thousand. Somebody made a bundle by running up the price and then bailing.

This is what happens when I have 700 million ISK and a bright idea.

- Sam.

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