Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Brand New Me, And Other Bright Ideas.

In the beginning, etc.

I ended up playing EVE for the first time the way I imagine many others did. A friend of mine talked me into trying this awesome new game he'd discovered. It had "spaceships and lasers and warp speed and alliances and space stations and explosions and lots of cool stuff to do and...," at which point he had to stop to take a breath, and I managed to get a word in edgewise. Simply for the sake of making him stop talking about it every time we saw each other, I agreed to give it a try.

I created a character with a singularly awful name, and we did everything that good little EVE neophytes do: missioning, mining, wandering into low-sec and dying instantly, and getting CONCORDed when we decided to shoot someone for the heck of it. The game was fun for a week or so, but we simply never had the time to make it a long-term stay. He went back to being a 'leet' WoW player, and I went back to a brain-crushing Real Life schedule.

EVE wasn't something I'd considered trying again until I found my login info from my original character about 10 months ago. Yes, the character's name was awful. He's since been biomassed, so we'll never speak of it again. I had just gotten bored with my most recent gaming addiction, so I figured I'd give EVE another try. 

As you can see, I'm still here... and I'm enjoying it more than ever. I may have lost 50-odd ships while only managing one kill, but EVE is digital crack. The sheer depth of the player-driven politics, the freedom to do anything the mechanics allow, and sheer number of people on one server is something truly unique, and I can't get enough.

A big part of my decision to stick with EVE was the strength of the out-of-game community. Tons of player maintained info, blogs and podcasts in such numbers that I can't keep up with them all, live streaming of gameplay by knowledgable players, active news sites, an online radio station, and so much more.

Given some recent events that have drastically changed my EVE play style, I wanted to take some time and make my own contribution to EVE's community. I'm already unable to keep up with all the EVE blogging, so I certainly don't expect much of a following, unless EVE is in desperate need of a blog written by someone who is blatantly awful at PvP. If anything, I'm bound to be an object lesson in how NOT to fly your ships. I sometimes wonder if I enjoy the explosions a little too much, especially when it's my ship going boom.

Since my only real specialty in EVE is blowing up, you can expect me to write about things like the events that led to me buying, fitting, and losing three cloaky Atrons in the space of a couple hours, and other bright ideas (hence the name) of that sort. Here's a suggestion: If there were 7 bubbles anchored on a null-sec gate 15 minutes ago, they're probably still there. The cans anchored in the bubble you landed in the first time will probably still be there too. That game mechanic where you decloak upon getting within 2000 metres of another object will still be in effect. See? Now that's some excellent advice right there. You can have that helpful bit of wisdom for free. As for the cost to me, well, at least Atrons are cheap, right?

- Sam.

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