Saturday, May 4, 2013

The big winners

They held an election, and almost nobody came.

That doesn't really matter much to me though. Fewer people voted for CSM8 than voted for CSM7, but I could care less. Of the top five people I really wanted to see on CSM, I got five for five, so I can't complain. As expected, the wormhole candidates picked up a couple of seats, well-recognized names nabbed a few, and null-sec candidates filled up the rest.

Link to results for reference:

Of the people I had on my voting list, here's the ones that made it:

1. Mangala Solaris
2. Kesper North
3. Mike Azariah
4. progodlegend
5. Ali Aras
7. Ripard Teg
8. Malcanis
14. Sala Cameron

... And the people I didn't vote for who made it:

Chitsa Jason
James Arget
Sort Dragon
Trebor Daehdoow

Not like any of those names are surprising. Chitsa and James were the top two wormhole candidates, and holers proved last year that they could get out the vote. Sort Dragon and mynnna were shoo-ins, and it seems that Korvin got the Russian vote. Trebor, well, I imagine any high-sec player motivated enough to vote stuck him either number one or two on their voting list.

I'm sure an all-star lineup like CSM8 will have plenty of bright ideas, but we'll have to wait and see how well things go, won't we?

- Sam.

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