Monday, March 25, 2013

No live event for you!

Who: CCP.
What: 'Live Event' with pre-determined outcome and system cap of 1000.
Where: Luminare solar system.
When: Last Friday, well before I was able to log in.
Why: Highsec FFA, DUST and EVE lore advancement.

While I appreciate the effort to move the story of the EVE universe forward, I wonder what the point in advertising this as a 'live event' was. Essentially, CCP turned off CONCORD in Luminare for a few hours. I seem to recall RvB turning off CONCORD across a much wider area not all that long ago. Sure, RvB did it by accident (and by blowing up a lot of ships), but it was still open to a greater number of EVE players.

Of the twenty or so alliance members that tried to go, only two reported being able to get in. One of them died and got podded early on, and couldn't get back in. From what the others reported, the gates were completely covered with people trying to get in. The only explanation I've seen for the system cap is the simultaneous DUST matches running in Luminare.

I can't say with any certainty how the game servers are set up, but would it not have been possible to seperate the two games so that time dilation wouldn't affect the DUST players? I realize that it would prevent DUSTies from calling in orbital bombardment from EVE players, but that could easily be worked around too. I can't find any stats for it, but I'd love to know how many orbital bombardments actually happened during the event.

These are all common complaints that CCP hears, I imagine. There's a few more too: The fact that most of the USTZ was prevented from attending because of when it was scheduled, the fact that players had zero effect whatsoever on the outcome of the fight, and the fact that the titan's death was rather anti-climactic and lacked any kind of interesting visuals.

I'm not sure what the DUST bunnies got out of the event, but it doesn't seem to have been worth the effort it no doubt took to set up on the EVE side of things.

- Sam.

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